Unique Stuff
Hot Dog Cooker Guy
Pretty self explanitory. Put the hot dog on the "holder" & set the whole thing on your bar-b-q. Most everybody gets a kick out of this one. If you find it offencesive, lighten up a bit-life is far to short !
Rope Making Machine
All the gears are cut on a scroll saw. This one is made of 1/2" poplar but could be made from most any kind of wood & some standard hardware items. Plans have full size templates for the gears & handle. Instructions for the "laying" end are included as well. This is a real attention getter at fairs & shows. Uses standard baling twine available from any farm supply store.
As an added bonus a plan of the "Myer Rope Machine" from 1924 is included at no additional cost...
Twisting end...
Laying end...
Confetti Cannon
You can be the hit of the party or function with this baby...Uses a sprinkler valve, 3-9 volt batteries & my favorite-PVC pipe. Pump up the big cylinder either with a bicycle pump or compressor, load up the confetti in the smaller tube and hit the switch. Shoots up to 30 feet. It's about 2 feet long.
Train or Tug Boat
Sounds just like the real thing. Built with PVC. Plans have a complete list of SKU #'s & can be built in only a couple of hours. I've sold several at $60. each.
#TUG - $5.
Miniature Hay Baler
There are 13 pages of Plans & Instructions along with 38 pictures to guide you through building this attention getter & money making machine. Hay bales are 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 9".
#HDC - $5.
#ROP - $10.
#CAN - $5.
#MHB - $18.
You can build this "Timeless Gem" of charm & craftsmanship which will capture the hearts & imagination of both young & old...
This little car fits well into any number of situations. Let's start with parades & car shows. Advertising, fund raising, retirement communities, general all around traffic builder or how about...
The complete plans package has 24 pages of instructions, drawings & pictures. It also includes parts sources, tips & tricks to make your build easy.
# CAR - $22.
The chassis uses standard 1" square steel tube, 20" Stingray bicycle wheels & tires, readily available spindles, disc brakes & can be powered by either an electric motor (or motors) or up to a 5 HP gas engine. The electric version does about 16 MPH while the gas version will top out at about 25 MPH. The steering geometry designed into the front end enables the "tiller" steering to easily & effortly steer the "Youngmobile"