Dutch Oven Storage Boxes
5" storage box built with aromatic cedar.
8" storage box built with poplar.
#DO-5 - $4.
#DO-8 - $4.
10" box with Western Red Cedar.
12" box built with pine.
#DO-10 - $4.
#DO-12 - $4.
Please understand, these boxes can be built from any type of wood that excites you. I chose these to show what different woods would look like. In addition, I have also used plywood. As I have said many times, "Use what you got !" The hardware used is just a suggestion and is readily available at most home centers & hardware stores.
#TAB - $5.
Lid lifters. Make any length. Plans come with full size templates.
#LID - $5.
Portable hot water heater. Actually it's a cold water heater. Takes 55-degree water to 140-degrees in about 10 or 12 minutes. 5 gallon bucket, some copper tubing & a few plumbing fittings & you can have hot water. Easy to build.
#HWH - $5.
You can build this portable cooking table for about $25. It comes apart for easy storage & travel. Height is adjustable. Windscreen folds flat. Just the right height for an old guy like me to cook on !
There are 17 pages of plans & instructions which include the "pan boot" in the rear, as well as the "jockey box" up front & as a bonus, you get the plan for the "chuck box". This wagon, including the top, can be built for about $150 plus the wheels. It can be transported in a full size pick-up. I haul mine on a little 5' x 10' tilt trailer. Always a hit where ever I go. Can be built in about a week.
#WAG - $18.
Mom always said. "Wash your hands" & now you can with this portable system. I saw Cee Dub using one of these at the National D.O.G. & just had to build one. Really works great & is very easy to build. Cost about $10. for parts.
#PHW - $ 5.
Special Deal...
Get ALL four box plans for one low price of only $10.
#BX4 - $10.