Who is Bob ?
I'm just an old retired high school wood & auto shop teacher from Southern California who retired to the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas in July of 2000. Along with Lynn, my bride of almost 34 years, I play a lot in my "Toy Shop". I have a 40' x 60' building in the back yard which acts as my second home. I create & build "stuff", take pictures, write up instructions & then offer those same plans & instructions to folks like yourself. At my age, I seem to have a very short attention span! I prefer to build something & move on to the next challenge or project. I'm one of the few people on the Internet who will give you his address & phone number. I want you to know I'm here if you have a question or suggestion, and I don't hide. Please feel free to get a hold of me-however, I don't accept collect calls and the best time to get me is between 8 AM & 11 AM CST because after that I go to lunch at the Senior Center in town!
Bob Evans
6337 Whispering Pines Rd.
Harrison, AR 72601
(870) 743-0555

My bride & me.