Easy to follow Plans & Instructions plus Suggestions & Other Good "Stuff" for the "do it yourself" guys and gals...
Thanks for stopping by my "Toy Shop". I've come up with some simple & easy to follow plans and instructions to enable you to build all sorts of "neat stuff".

There are plans for Dutch Oven projects, train whistles, miniature hay balers, rope machines, gas pumps, a
3-wheel car you can build, a 3/4 scale car from the early 1900's and so much more. So look around and who knows, maybe you'll just find something you can't live without ! I know--that's my HOPE !
This is a 5/8's scale chuckwagon from the late 1880's or '90's. It can be transported in the back of a full size pick-up. It measures 7' 4" long, 46" wide & 66" high. Can be built in about a week for less than $150. plus the cost of the wheels. A hit wherever it goes. 17 pages of plans, pictures & instructions.
#WAG - $18.
The wagon above & to the left is finished in old style John Deere green stain & the wheels are done in rustic redwood barn stain. A 16" water barrel is included. The tongue also features a "double tree" hitch. Brand new & never used other than shows. This wagon can be yours for only...
Call for more info...
This visable gas pump from the 1920's is built from plastic sewer pipe & particle board. Stands a little over 6' tall & is easy to build. Globe lights up. Plans include all details including how to fabricate the nozzle & the secret of how easy it is to make the "glass" cylinder.
These are just some suggestions for other pumps you can build. My wife likes animals so that is why all of our globes are animals. Do as you wish...I just like my
"happy home".
19 pages of instructions which
includes 38 pictures plus drawings.
#GP - $18.
Puddle Jumper Car
Plans & instruction package includes an 8-1/2" x 11" 55-page manual, CD in pdf format for your computer featuring 137 color photo's, an 18-minute DVD on woodworking for building the "plug" & a 1-hour & 25-minute DVD on the fiberglassing of the "mold" & "hand layup" of the body. Also included as a FREE bonus are two "Red Neck" air bags ready to install on your new car...
Go to for a much more in-depth description of the car & all the details...
#CAR - $35 + $6. S & H
This is my ONLY plan that requires extra S & H
Easily get 60 to 70 miles per gallon...
Electric Bicycle
Build this "timeless" gem with my plans.
See all the details on the "UNIQUE STUFF" page.
Tired of pedaling ? Put aside a weekend & transform a 20" bicycle into a very inexpensive & easy to build piece of transporation. Most all parts can be obtained at a local wrecking yard or hardware store. Very little machine work & welding required. Two 12-volt car batteries & a generator give you speed, power & distance. Piece of cake to build. Easy to follow instructions.
#BIK - $10.
Antique Barberpole
Recreate that old barber shop look from the turn of century. Easy construction & low cost materials (most even FREE) make this beauty a snap to build. Globe lights up & stripped cylinder turns. Great effects for your game room or local barber shop. 19 pages of instruction & 46 pictures plus drawings are included.
# POL - $14.
Hi-Wheel Bicycle a.k.a. Penny Farthing
I saw one of these on a "Histoy Channel" program called "American Pickers". It was full size & very costly to build so I scaled it down & used a 26" front wheel. Now the "average man" can build his own pretty inexpensively. Only takes a few days & less than $70 for all the parts. Plans package includes 10 pages of instructions along with 26 pictures & drawings.
Start with a full size paper template & gather your parts & pieces...
A few days in the shop & less than $70 bucks gives you a nice finished project...
That's me in front of the "Toy Shop" ready to "ride"...
#HWB - $13.
Front End Loader
Be the first on your block to have Bob's latest creation. An electrically controlled Front End Loader for your "Lawn Tractor". No hydraulics needed. Easy to build. Plans include 9-pages of drawings, instructions & a CD with 58 large size color pictures along with descriptions, tips, tricks & short cuts in the building process. Lifts up to 50" & has a capacity of about 90 pounds. Can be built in about a week & for less than $100 bucks.
#FEL - $20.
Chuck Wagon